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Kimball Court Apartments, Woburn, MA

Property Details

7 floors, 88 units

Product Installed

One iQ1001

Installed Capacity

1,000,000 BTU/hr


New England Combustion

Apartment Owners save over 30% on hot water fuel bills.

This apartment complex had an outdated water heating system that was increasing their operating budget every year due to their increasing water heating bills. Intellihot’s unit was able to cut their heating bills by a third. 


Built in 1989, Kimball Court is a six story 88 apartment building located between route 93 and 128 north of Boston. It is an economy apartment building and the property’s management firm wanted to reduce its operating costs. They wanted to design a heating system that would significantly lower the operating costs at Kimball Court apartments. They also wanted to eliminate the risk of Legionella, since that was also a concern with their storage tank, requiring regular preventative maintenance.


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The Challenge

The building’s hot water was produced with atmospheric gas fired water heaters and a 443 gallon storage tank. The non-condensing water heaters would store the hot water in a storage tank which had also been replaced. Additional energy was being lost through the full wall of intake air louvers which opened to provide combustion air for the water heaters and boilers when firing.

The Intellihot Solution

One iQ1001 was installed to optimize efficiency, providing the required hot water on-demand. The Intellihot condensing water heater easily handles the cold 40 degree city water while providing ultra-high efficiencies, significantly reducing the building’s operating costs. it has built-in redundancy and operates on 2.5” of water column.

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